Full On 140 Records

A revolutionary music record label featuring nothing but 100% high quality Psy, Uplifting and Tech Trance music delivered ONLY at 140 beats per minute. “Full On 140 Records” was created in 2014 by US-based Producer and DJ Spy (vs. Spy). Given his exposure to many forms of EDM, Spy came to the realization that this style of Trance music truly invokes the sole purpose for what music was created for – To bring purpose to one’s life and to change one’s surroundings, taking them from the most desolate of realities and lifting them up towards a state of joyful enlightenment. 

  “Full On 140 Records” has begun to establish itself in many arenas, and continually looks to expand to every corner of the globe. With every release, “Full On 140 Records” looks to expose you to the sheer energy, power and euphoria that this style of Trance music creates. Though we have had a multitude of established names that have released music with us, we WILL not shy away from releasing music by an unknown producer. We certainly appreciate and cherish the amount of support we have received thus far and look forward towards a very prosperous future! We can be found of various networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud in addition to our home at http://www.fullon140records.com.

  We look forward to any correspondence we receive and will do our utmost best to reply to any inquiries and will review any demos received with purely honest feedback! Cheers and thanks!!

Website: www.fullon140records.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/FullOn140Rec

Contact: info@fullon140records.com

Demos: demos@fullon140records.com