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RELEASE DATE      2015-09-21
LABELS      Blue Soho Recordings
CATALOG #      BLS201

East meets West – Japanese DJ and Producer Hiroki Nagamine alongside U.S. DJ and Producer Spy present you with their single “Tengoku” featuring the vocals of UK vocalist Amber Traill. Featuring a plethora of melodic energy, coupled with a massive display of automation and effects, these two show Blue Soho Recordings why Heaven can be found on Earth! Amber’s vocals are simultaneously soothing and passionate! This release features a Dub mix alongside the vocal original mix!

Hiroki Nagamine & Spy feat. Amber Traill – Tengoku (Original Mix)


Taken from: http://www.beatport.com/release/the-coriolis-effect/1302495

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Producer, DJ and owner of Full On 140 Records, Spy (vs. Spy) returns to the producing pulpit to present you with a massive 140 BPM Tech-Trance anthem called “The Coriolis Effect,” which features a smashing kick drum line, massive acid sounds and an incredibly suspenseful uplifting melody! This release is most definitely geared towards smashing clubs world-wide!! We certainly hope you enjoy our second release.

The Coriolis Effect (Original Mix)


Taken from: http://www.beatport.com/release/one-shot/1259276


RELEASE DATE      2014-03-17
LABELS      Blue Soho Recordings
CATALOG #      BLS129

Greek-born Producer & Spy (vs. Spy) makes his debut on Blue Soho Recordings with this fantastic EP “One Shot” is showcasing a massive remix from Dubai native Harmonic Rush. The original mix of this release features a soft-layed uplifting atmosphere with an amazingly unique melody!! Harmonic Rush takes this release one step further with a remix featuring a booming kick drum line alongside of his signature synths and sounds! Enjoy Soho Music / 2014

Spy – One Shot (Original Mix)